WCWC Sponsorship Policy

WCWC Sponsorship Policy


The Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC) is an arms-length agency of the Government of Ontario, and WCWC through its Board (and officers) acts in accordance with the management principles of the Province of Ontario. These principles include ethical behaviour, accountability, excellence in management, wise use of public funds, high quality service to the public, and fairness in the marketplace.


The purpose of this Sponsorship Policy is to set out the scope and principles related to Sponsorship.


A “Sponsor” is a legal entity who has entered into a sponsorship agreement with the WCWC.
“Sponsorship” is a business relationship between WCWC and a Sponsor which promotes the WCWC and its mandate.


This Sponsorship Policy applies to Sponsorship where the WCWC provides cash or an in-kind contribution to a Sponsor in return for promotional opportunities for the WCWC. Types of Sponsorship activities include but are not limited to:

  • community-based events that raise awareness of WCWC within the community;
  • a one-time event for training or public outreach related to drinking water in which WCWC has an opportunity to participate or otherwise receives promotional opportunities.

WCWC Sponsorship funds must not be used towards bottled water or alcoholic beverages; there will be no exceptions.

Policy Principles

  • Sponsorship must be consistent with the WCWC’s business plan, vision, mission, and values;
  • Sponsorship must be cost effective and promote WCWC’s programs and services or contribute to the drinking water sector;
  • WCWC Board members, officers and employees must not receive a personal direct or indirect benefit from a Sponsor or Sponsorship;
  • Sponsorship activities must comply with all Ontario and federal laws;
  • Sponsorship arrangements will not imply or otherwise represent an endorsement by the WCWC of a Sponsor or a Sponsor’s products or services;
  • The WCWC in its sole discretion reserves the right to decline or refuse any Sponsorship application.

Overall Policy

Individuals and other legal entities interested in Sponsorship are required to compete a Sponsorship application form in accordance with the instructions on the form.

Requests for WCWC in-kind contributions can be determined by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). WCWC funding allocations can be determined by the CEO, as long as the sponsorship request for funds does not exceed $10,000.

If the request for sponsorship funding exceeds $10,000, the CEO may deny the request, or may make a recommendation for approval by the WCWC Board of Directors. Approval for sponsorship funding that exceeds $10,000 can only be granted by the Board of Directors.

If selected, the individual or other legal entity will be required to enter into a sponsorship agreement with the WCWC. A letter setting out a description of the project and the amount of funding can be an agreement. The receiving party should sign the letter acknowledging the terms and send a copy back to WCWC.

Upon completion of the activity/event, Sponsors must provide WCWC with a final report on how the funding was used.

Any unused funds must be returned to WCWC.