Advanced for Small Drinking Water Systems (O.Reg 319/08) – CEU: 0.7

Course Overview

This course reviews the duties and responsibilities of small drinking water system owners and operators under Ontario Regulation 319/08.Participants will learn about the different characteristics of drinking water sources, multi-step approach to treatment and maintenance of system equipment. This session will also review proper monitoring, sampling techniques and responding to water quality issues.

NOTE: The content of this course is specific to small systems that utilize UV and chlorine for primary disinfection, and may have secondary disinfection requirements because they have a distribution system. For drinking water system owners and operators with a single connection with no chlorine disinfection requirement, please refer to Basics for Small Drinking Water Systems (O. Reg. 319/08).

By the end of this session, participants will have gained an understanding of:

• Small drinking water system duties and responsibilities

• Multi Barrier treatment equipment used in small systems

• Operational and maintenance checks for the treatment and system equipment

• Knowledge of distribution and storage systems maintenance

• Responding to potential drinking water quality issues

Target Audience

This course is geared to small system drinking water owners and operators with multiple connections that utilize multi-barrier treatment requirements under Ontario Regulation 319/08.

Delivery Methods Possible

Classroom, On Site

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