Basic Chemistry for Water Operators – CEU: 0.7

Course Overview

This course provides participants with an overview of basic chemistry principles related to the water industry.

Areas of study include:
– Definitions
– Symbols and formula
– The Periodic table
– Molecular weights
– States of matter
– pH concepts
– Ionization and electrolysis
– Alkalinity and hardness relationships
– Chemical principles of coagulation
– Coagulation ionization reactions in water
– Oxidation-reduction reactions in water
– Oxidants in water treatment
– Chemistry of chlorination and chloramination
– Oxidation versus disinfection
– Chemistry of iron and manganese
– THMs
– Taste and odour
– Expressing concentrations (molality, molarity, normality, ppm, % strength)
– Common chemicals used in water treatment

Target Audience

This course is directed to drinking water treatment operators at any level, from OIT through to Class 4.

Delivery Methods Possible

Classroom, On Site

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