Disinfection: Sodium Hypochlorite – CEU: 0.7

Course Overview

This course introduces basic concepts related to chlorine disinfection, with a specific focus on sodium hypochlorite. The course will cover chlorine properties, its application in various forms and how sodium hypochlorite is added to the treatment process.

Participants will examine breakpoint chlorination, discuss factors influencing contact time, and dichlorination, Hazards associated with the use of sodium hypochlorite, safety precautions and safety equipment will also be discussed. Participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate the application of chemical dosing pumps used in treatment through hands-on activities.

NOTE: This course is based on WCWCs Disinfection: Chlorine course, and does not include content specifically related to chlorine gas.

Target Audience

Disinfection: Sodium Hypochlorite will be most beneficial to drinking water treatment operators who are new to the industry.

Delivery Methods Possible

Classroom, On Site

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