Operation of Conventional Treatment Processes – CEU 1.4

Course Overview

This course will provide participants with the opportunity to practice jar tests experiments and to operate and monitor a conventional treatment system, from the chemical feed setup to backwashing filters. This course is primarily designed as hands-on; therefore theoretical knowledge of coagulation, flocculation settling and filtration will not be the focus. However the instructor will provide clarifications as appropriate.

Area of study and practice include:
• Conducting jar test experiments to determine optimal dosage of coagulant
• Calculating and setting up a chemical feed system
• Monitoring and interpreting water quality and operating parameters
• Backwashing filters
• Practicing chlorine measurement and chlorine demand test

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the hands-on aspect, this course is held only at the Walkerton Clean Water Centre.

Target Audience

This course will be of interest to drinking water operators, post secondary students and engineers who want to improve their skills in pilot testing. Prior knowledge of water quality parameters and conventional processes (coagulation, flocculation, settling, filtration, chlorination) is a recommended prerequisite.

Delivery Methods Possible

Classroom – Walkerton Only

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