Water Quality Analyst – CEU: 1.8

Course Overview

This three-day course will provide participants with an overview of the role of a Water Quality Analyst from understanding regulatory requirements and basic chemistry and microbiology principles to working with basic formulas and calculations.

Areas of study include:

• Drinking Water Legislation
• Basic Mathematical Skills (Principles, Metric and Conversion, Formulas and Calculations)
• Chemistry Principles
• Sampling and Monitoring
• Laboratory Equipment and Safety
• Analytical Parameters, Techniques & Process Significance (Requirements under Reg. 170/03)
• Temperature, pH, Turbidity, Hardness
• Dissolved Solids and Chlorine Residuals
• Microbiological Parameters

Target Audience

This course is intended for individuals who wish to work in a laboratory environment with the emphasis on understanding physical, chemical and microbiological parameters pertaining to water quality in the plants. Basic knowledge of chemistry (pH, alkalinity, hardness, conductivity, turbidity, etc.) is a prerequisite.

Delivery Methods Possible

Classroom, On Site

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