As part of their financial plan, municipal residential drinking water systems now have an asset management plan. These plans help you to increase your knowledge of your system, prioritize rehabilitation and replacement needs and reduce system downtime lowering the risk to human health.

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Articles, Abstracts & Reports

Asset Management

Asset Management Framework for Forested and Natural Assets

Defining and Scoping Municipal Natural Assets

Development of Unit Price Indices and Estimating Inflation for Potable Water and Wastewater Pipeline Capital Works Construction

Leveraging Asset Management Data for Improved Water Infrastructure Planning

Sustainable Municipal Water and Wastewater Management Using System Dynamics

Visioning A State Of Good Repair Program: First Steps And Best Practices

Your Asset Management Committee at Work


Asset Management: A Best Practices Guide

Asset Management: A Handbook for Small Public Water Systems – STEP Guide Series 

Successfully Protecting Your Investment in Drinking Water Infrastructure: Best Practices from Communities and Local Experts

Taking Stock of Your Water System: A Simple Asset Inventory for Very Small Drinking Water Systems

Fact Sheets

Asset Management for Local Officials

Building an Asset Management Team 

Natural Asset Management


Asset Management Switchboard

Information on Check Up Program for Small Systems (CUPSS) Asset Management Tool

International Stormwater BMP Database

Reference Guide for Asset Management Tools

Strategic Asset Management – Benefit Cost Analysis Tool

The Check Up Program for Small Systems (CUPSS)

Your Utility Balance Sheet Part 1: Assets and Part 2: Liabilities, Equity and Ratios


Condition Assessment and PCCP Pipe: Critical Components of North American Asset Management

Municipal Natural Assets Initiative

SIMPLE – EPA Asset Management Training Material Videos