Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Drafts for Review

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Standard W211 (Management Standard for Stormwater Systems)

‘This Standard outlines minimum requirements and recommendations for the management of a Stormwater System established by an Operating Authority. It provides a standardized guidance process to manage a Stormwater System to meet regulatory requirements, reflect sound policy decision-making, and demonstrate a high standard of care to minimize legal, environmental, social and economic risks especially given a changing climate and hydrologic conditions. It also provides a documentation protocol to ensure all changes and decisions made in policy and procedures are well documented and identifies steps for Operating Authorities to internally audit their management system. (CSA, 2021)’

Review Details

Designation: W211
Source: CSA
Review start date: March 10, 2021
Review end date: May 10, 2021


Management Standard for Stormwater Systems (New Standard)

Norme de gestion des systèmes d’eaux pluviales (New Standard – French)

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