Canadian Water Sector Cyber Security Survey

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In recognizing the risks that cyber threats create for the water sector, the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (the Cyber Centre) has engaged Deloitte Canada to conduct a nation-wide study to understand the state of cyber security within some sectors that make up Canada’s critical infrastructure.

If you are one of the key stakeholders in supporting Canada’s water sector, they would like to invite you to participate in this study by responding to a series of questions. The study is intended to gain an understanding of the crucial role you play within the water sector and assess, at a high-level, your cyber security maturity posture. The questionnaire should take approximately 1 hour to complete.

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Note: This questionnaire involves cyber security management concepts and terminology. They recommend that someone from your organization who has familiarity with these concepts participate in filling out the survey. For best results, consider involving individuals from your IT and OT teams at the management level to collaborate on your answers.

For additional information about this study or clarifications please read the FAQ section included below or contact them at

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  1. Who will be conducting the study?

The study will be conducted by Deloitte Canada on behalf of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (the Cyber Centre).

  1. How will the information be collected?

The information will be collected via the Qualtrics survey platform. Access to the information will be restricted to the Deloitte engagement team responsible for conducting the study.

  1. What will the information be used for?

The information provided will be used to gain an enhanced understanding of the cyber security maturity posture within the Canadian water sector and inform how the Cyber Centre can better engage with the stakeholders to increase stakeholder and collective cyber resilience.

  1. Who will have access to my information?

Information you share as part of this study will be made available to your organization the Cyber Centre and the Deloitte engagement team exclusively. All outputs shared from surveys will be aggregated and anonymized.

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