Online Tools for Operators

The following tools have been collected for general interest or use for water operators.

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FlowCalc for iOSWhile on the go, the FlowCalc offers you all the functionality you need to quickly calculate flow rates, pipe diameter and velocity on your mobile device.

GeoPro – Work Alone Safety System – GeoPro is an employee check-in and safety alert monitoring solution that makes it easy to protect employees working alone.

Pipe Diameter Calculator – Android – This calculator is designed for simple and quick calculation of round pipe internal diameter based on known volume or mass flow rate and desired stream velocity through pipe.

McWane Pocket Engineer™ – This application allows users to retrieve pertinent technical information on products through its automatic calculators. Users can have access to calculations that are essential in the field, and would otherwise take valuable time to compute.

PlutoCalc App for iOS and AndroidA free problem solver suite for water treatment, wastewater, hydraulics, environmental chemistry and unit conversions.


CUPSS – The Check Up Program for Small SystemsCUPSS is a legacy software application that was developed more than 10 years ago to assist drinking water and wastewater utilities in implementing an asset management plan. CUPSS was developed to run on Windows XP. Some users have reported challenges and compatible issues while trying to work with CUPSS in Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. While still available for use, the tool is no longer being updated and may not compatible with the latest computer operating systems.

Waterly – Water Data Management– Replace your clipboards, eliminate the madness of spreadsheets, and create operations & regulatory reports with one click.


Chlorine Dose Calculator for Tanks and PipelinesThis tool is for estimating chlorine disinfection CT in tanks and pipelines. This Disinfection CT Calculator spreadsheet allows users to enter the residual concentration, flow condition, and dimensions of tanks or pipelines. This tool gives a rough estimate of disinfection CT. For detailed design, additional safety factors and other considerations may be needed.

Knowledge Retention ToolDownload this spreadsheet to consolidate system information, prepare new operators, and utilize for succession planning.


Dry Chemical Calculation

mL per Minute Conversion

Food to Microorganism Calculator

Metric Conversions

Circular Break Around Pipe

Hole in Pipe

Rectangular Break Along Pipe

Removal Efficiency

Monthly Water Loss

Annual Water Loss Average

Well Drawdown and Specific Capacity

Pipe Disinfection

Tank Disinfection

Well Casing Disinfection

Solution Strength Mix

Tank Volume Calculations

Pounds of Chemical per Gallon

Loadings Calculator

Millions of Gallons Conversion

Temperature Conversion  

Water Loss Control

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