Potable Water Hauling

A water hauler is delivering a load of drinking water into a storage tank.

This collection of resources was gathered for haulers of potable drinking water. Guidance documents and information on inspections, sanitizing and sampling procedures can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding hauling potable drinking water, contact your local public health unit to speak to an inspector.

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WCWC Helpline Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for hauling potable water?

Ontario Resources

Drinking Water Haulage Guidance Document (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, 2008)

Drinking Water Hauler Inspection Program – Health Unit Haldimand-Norfolk

Drinking Water Haulage Vehicle Requirements

Water Hauler Guidelines (Niagara Region, 2016)

Water Hauler Daily Activity Log Sheet (Niagara Region, 2016)

Canadian Resources

Disinfection Guideline for Bulk Water Haulers (saskh2o.ca)

Bulk Water Hauling Guidelines (gov.mb.ca)

Chlorine Testing

How to analyze free chlorine residual

How to analyze total chlorine residual

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