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‘Grady Hillhouse is a civil engineer in San Antonio, Texas. The goal for Practical Engineering is to increase exposure and interest in the field of engineering, highlight that connection between the world around us and the energy, passion, and thought that goes into making it a nicer place to live (Practical Engineering, 2021).’

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Flow in Pipes

What is a Culvert?

Why Pipes Move Underground

What is Air Lock?

Compress Air with No Moving Parts! – Trompe

How Does a Hydraulic Ram Pump Work?

How Water Towers Work

What is Cavitation?

How to Collapse a Pipe by Opening a Valve

What is Steam Hammer?

What is Water Hammer?

How do Sinkholes Form?

What’s That Infrastructure? (Ep. 4 – Subsurface Utilities)

How to Measure Flow with Magnets – (Magnetic Flow Meters)

Boil Water at Room Temperature! – Hydrostatics


What is Storm Surge?

How Coastal Erosion Works

How Do Flood Control Structures Work?

Why Engineers Invent Floods

Where Does Stormwater Go?

How Does Permeable Pavement Work?

What is a Culvert?

How Do Spillways Work?

Rivers on Mars! (and other uses for hydraulic models)

The 100 Year Flood Is Not What You Think It Is (Maybe)

Soil Mechanics

Groundwater Flow Demonstration Model

How are Underwater Structures Built?

Why Tunnels Don’t Collapse

How Soil Destroys Buildings

How Quicksand Causes Dam Failures

How do Sinkholes Form?

Sand Castle Holds Up A Car! – Mechanically Stabilized Earth

Why Pipes Move Underground

Why Does Road Construction Take So Long?

How Coastal Erosion Works

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