This post provides information to homeowners related to operating and maintaining their private water supply wells.

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Water Supply Wells: Requirements and Best Practices – Best management practices and recommended techniques that help a person constructing a well to go beyond the minimum standards set by the Ontario Wells Regulation and better protect and minimize adverse impacts to our environment.

Best Management Practices: Water Wells – A hardcopy publication that can be ordered through Service Ontario for well owners. Explains well components, maintenance, new well construction requirements and procedures for unused wells.

Private Well Water Manual – A Quick Users Guide – A manual produced by the Grey Bruce Public Health Unit for homeowners either installing a new well on their property or for those who have questions about an existing well.

Wells on Your Property – Information and rules for residential well owners for the proper location, construction, maintenance and abandonment of a well from the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario.

Water Supply Wells: Technical Bulletins – A series of technical bulletins on well issues created for a person who currently owns a water supply well. The purpose is to summarize the information found in the Water Supply Wells – Requirements and Best Management Practices manual published by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario.

Well Records – Directions on how to complete, submit or get a copy of a well record in Ontario.

Well Records Map – This map allows you to search and view well record information from reported wells in Ontario.

Be Well Aware, Information for Private Well OwnersThe Be Well Aware series will help you take the right steps to protect your well water from bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemicals that could make you sick. Produced by Health Canada.

Water Well Care Info SheetsThe Water Systems Council has developed a complete library of water well care information sheets to educate well owners about the basics of their well system, the importance of water well maintenance, keeping good records, water well testing and understanding your results, and how to protect and conserve your water supply for years to come.

Well Aware Booklet – A Guide to Caring for Your Well – The Well Aware booklet was compiled by Green Communities Canada, in partnership with the Ontario Ground Water Association, with financial support from Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

Well Aware VideoSince 2001, Well Aware has helped more than 3,900 Ontarians to gain confidence in the management of their wells and to protect their family’s drinking water. This video accompanies the booklet compiled by Green Communities Canada, the Ontario Ground Water Association and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

Water Well BasicsKnowing the basics about water wells is important whether you are planning a well, are a new well owner, or have owned a well for a long time. Knowing the basics can equip you to make sound decisions about your water well system. Produced by

Water Well MaintenanceRegular water well system maintenance is important. Knowing and practicing the basics of regular well maintenance can reduce risks to your water supply and prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns. Produced by

Groundwater Quality and QuantityThe quality of your water is important. Knowing the basics about water testing and treatment can help you diagnose and address water quality issues-whether they be matters of taste, odor, or appearance, or health risks. Produced by

Well Owner’s GuideThe National Ground Water Association Well Owners Guide is a comprehensive manual where you’ll find valuable information from proper well construction, routine well maintenance and water testing. Email subscription required for download link.

Buying a Home With a Well – A Water Systems Council fact sheet produced to help prospective or current homeowners make informed decisions when buying a home with a well.

Find Licensed Well Contractors – Use this directory to find licensed well contractors in Ontario.

Free Private Well Training – This program is a collaboration between the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) and the Illinois State Water Survey to boost knowledge of well owners and the water professionals that serve well owners day to day.

Learn about Private Water Wells – Information from the US Environmental Protection Agency about types of wells, well components, and selecting new well locations and construction.

Learn About GroundwaterGroundwater is one of our most valuable resources—even though you probably never see it or even realize it is there. There is water somewhere beneath your feet no matter where on Earth you live. This collection is part of a series produced by the United States Geological Survey called Water Science School.

Groundwater and the Rural Homeowner – A report produced by the United States Geological Survey for prospective or current rural homeowners to gain a basic yet comprehensive overview of ground water and problems one may expect to encounter and some solutions.

Overview of Water-related Diseases and Contaminants in Private Wells – A webpage produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) listing top causes of outbreaks in individual private wells. Links to more information on specific germs or chemicals can be found on this page.

What to do After the Flood – A fact sheet of emergency procedures for when flood conditions threaten your well produced by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


Well Disinfection Tool – The well disinfection tool provides an easy way to calculate the amount of chlorine product that is needed to disinfect a well. The tool also provides the procedures and precautions to take when disinfecting the well. Produced by Public Health Ontario.

Chlorine Dilution CalculatorThis easy-to-use calculator tells you how much bleach product to dilute with water to get your desired concentration (ppm) of chlorine solution. Produced by Public Health Ontario.

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