Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & Templates

Logen Skead, from Wauzhushk Onigum Nation, works on the pilot testing project Logen Skead, de la Première Nation de Wauzhushk Onigum, travaille sur le projet d’essai pilote

Need help writing a procedure for your water system?  We have templates that were generously donated by Ontario operators to help you get started.

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Contingency Plan Templates

Adverse Water Condition Notification Procedure

Adverse Water Quality Procedure

Adverse Water Quality Procedure – Chemical and Radiological

Chemical Pump Breakdown Procedure

Contamination of Water Supply Procedure

High Free Chlorine Adverse Procedure

High Free Chlorine Alert Procedure – Above Set Point

High Turbidity Alert Procedure

Low Chlorine Adverse Notification Procedure

Power Outage Procedure

Watermain Break Procedure

Excel Spreadsheets

CT on SCADA Continuous Trending for Daily Report

Drinking Water System Risk Assessment Outcomes

Drinking Water System Monthly Record

Report Templates

Watermain Shutdown Report

SOP templates

Adverse Water Quality – Chemical or Radiological

Adverse Water Quality – E. coli

Adverse Water Quality – HPCs

Adverse Water Quality – Physical

Adverse Water Quality – Total Coliforms

Alarm System Failure

Chemical Spill

Clearwell Water Level Alarms

Contaminated Raw Water Source – Chemical, Physical, Radiological

Contaminated Raw Water Source – Microbiological

Contaminated Water in Clearwell – Physical and Chemical

Contaminated Water in Clearwell – Microbiological

Cryptosporidium and Giardia Sampling

C x T Data Entry

Failure of Chemical Feed System

High Lift Pump System Failure

Hydrant Failure

Hydro Power Failure

Low Chlorine Residual in the Clearwell

Low Chlorine Residual in the Distribution System

Low Lift Pump System Failure

Low Pressure in the Distribution System

Online Chlorine Analyzer Calibration

Operating Treatment Units in Manual Operating Mode

Poor Treatment Plant Performance

QA / QC Lab Procedures

Raw Water Flow Meter Malfunction or Failure

Raw Water Transmission Main Break

SCADA Trending Issues

Standby Power Failure

Water Line Break Inside Building

Water Supply Shortage

Water Treatment Plant Control System Failure

Watermain Break