The Water Brothers: TV Series

The Water Brothers is an eco-adventure documentary series following brothers, Alex and Tyler Mifflin, as they explore the world, uncovering the most important water stories of our time. What are the problems, and where are the solutions to help us better protect our most precious resource? Alex & Tyler take you on the search.’

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Season 1

Reefer Madness


The Big Thaw


Water in all the Wrong Places

Valley of the Dammed

Season 2

The Pure and The Poisoned

Plastic Ocean

Dead Zones

No Woman, No Water

Water Everywhere, but not a drop to drink

Here Comes the Flood

Farmed and Dangerous?

Season 3

Last Home of the Giants

Underwater Highways

The River Runs Dry

Ocean of Energy

The Least Deadliest Catch

Acid Ocean

Water in Space

Season 4

Flying Rivers

Ocean Spies

The Big Leak

More Food Less Water

The End of Sushi

On Thin Ice