Uranium in Drinking Water

A decorative photo of sample bottles next to a sink with the tap running.

‘Uranium is a weakly radioactive metal that occurs naturally in many different minerals. It can also get into sources of drinking water from human activities, such as:

  • burning coal and other fuels
  • emissions from nuclear industry
  • mining and processing of minerals
  • using phosphate fertilizers containing high levels of uranium in agriculture

Levels of uranium in natural water sources in Canada depend on the rock formations and human activity in the area. Uranium in drinking water in Canada is generally low, but higher values have been reported in areas with large uranium deposits.

The only way to know if you have elevated levels of uranium in your drinking water is to have the water tested. If you are interested in testing your drinking water for the presence of uranium, particularly if you have a private well, you should contact your municipality or local public health authority for advice and assistance with the testing.’ (Health Canada)


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