Correspondence and Online Training Opportunity: Operation of Small Drinking Water Systems

WCWC offers a popular course, Operation of Small Drinking Water Systems, online and through correspondence. Alicia McIntyre, Training Support Representative, tells us more about this course, which is perfectly suited to the current COVID-19 pandemic, but is available year-round.

1. What topics are covered in this course?
There are four main areas covered under this course.
• Relevant legislation
• Water quality
• Water sources and methods of treatment
• Water sampling: observation, results, reporting and corrective action

2. Who is the target audience?
The target audience is participants seeking “trained person” designation under O.Reg. 170/03.

3. When is the course available? Is there a deadline to finish it?
The course is available anytime by correspondence or online. A participant has one year from date of registration to successfully complete it.

4. Are there Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available for this course?
Yes, a participant receives 1.8 CEUs upon successfully completing the course.

5. How do I register?
A participant can register anytime by following this link: If they have any problems registering they can call WCWC directly.

To learn more about this course, visit or contact Alicia McIntyre at or 1-866-515-0550 ext. 311.