Pilot Testing Services A Success At The Walkerton Clean Water Centre

Pilot Testing Service at WCWC

The Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC) will continue its successful pilot testing program to provide customized information to drinking water facilities across Ontario.

WCWC has conducted pilot tests for clients to enhance their understanding of source water characteristics and the performance of treatment processes and alternative treatment options. Projects can be undertaken on a bench-scale at a client’s location or at the Technology Demonstration Facility in Walkerton. The Technology Demonstration Facility features a lab and many pilot systems, including a dual train conventional treatment pilot plant, ozone systems, a dissolved air floatation pilot plant, ultraviolet light treatment systems, slow sand, green sand and membrane filtration systems. Soon to be added is a fluidized bed ion exchange reactor. Side-by-side comparisons of various technologies can be carried out using the same feed water.  

Clients are involved throughout the project to ensure that their needs are met. Once a project is complete, WCWC provides a final report outlining the results of the project and leads a knowledge transfer seminar to discuss the results in detail with the drinking water operators who will be using the information.

WCWC has years of pilot testing experience in areas such as natural organic matter removal, disinfection by-products control, iron and manganese treatment, and coagulation optimization. To learn more about WCWC’s pilot testing services, please visit wcwc.ca/pilottesting or contact us at 866-515-0550.


Background: WCWC is an agency of the Government of Ontario, established in 2004, to ensure clean and safe drinking water for the entire province. WCWC coordinates and provides education, training and information to drinking water system owners, operators and operating authorities, and the public, in order to safeguard Ontario’s drinking water. Through partnerships, WCWC also provides training for the 133 First Nations communities in Ontario. To date, high-quality training has been provided to more than 75,000 participants across Ontario. For more information please visit www.wcwc.ca.