Customized Training Provided to Drinking Water System Operators in First Nations Communities

An image of a First Nations participant conducting jar testing

In April 2023, Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC) staff travelled to Thunder Bay, Ontario to attend the Independent First Nations Alliance (IFNA) conference and provide training to drinking water system operators working in First Nations communities.

WCWC staff shared their knowledge through three hands-on training modules: Jar Testing; Logbook Entries; and UV Transmittance and Absorbance. Participants were invited to bring their own water and coagulant for testing so that training outcomes could be personalized to their own experiences. The Jar Testing module in particular was popular as it allowed participants to assess the performance of their coagulant at different dosages, information they will be able to apply at their treatment plants. Overall, the training as well-received. Ninety-four per cent of participants provided overall course ratings of good or excellent.

WCWC was pleased to be selected by IFNA to provide this important training to their member communities. IFNA is a First Nations-led Tribal Council that provides customized support to the communities they serve.

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