Walkerton Clean Water Centre Hosts Successful Workshop: Drinking Water Quality Management Standard

Participants seated at tables listening to a presenter at a DWQMS Workshop session.
Participants at a 2023 DWQMS Workshop session.

The workshop was held in three locations to support Quality Management Standard representatives, utility managers, operators and municipal decision-makers across Ontario.

The Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC) recently hosted the workshop, Drinking Water Quality Management Standard, in Cambridge, Cobourg, and Sudbury, Ontario to support quality management standard representatives, utility managers, drinking water system operators and municipal decision-makers.

The two-day workshop allowed a total of 145 participants to cycle through interactive breakout sessions facilitated by industry experts covering topics such as: management review; root cause analysis; pre-authorized alterations and records implications; best management practices; cybersecurity; and on-the-job practical training.

Drinking Water Quality Management Standard is a long-standing WCWC event that has helped support clients since 2012. Feedback continues to be positive. “Wonderful workshop. Always engaging and great opportunities to capture best management practices” noted one participant.

To enhance information sharing across Ontario, workshop presentations will be available on WCWC’s Drinking Water Resource Library at www.DrinkingWaterResourceLibrary.ca.

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