Trained Persons

Trained Persons

Steps to Become a ‘Trained Person’

Persons who operate the following types of drinking water systems must take the training to become a “Trained Person”:

  • small non-municipal non-residential system serving a designated facility
  • small municipal non-residential system serving a designated facility
  • non-municipal seasonal residential system serving a designated facility

To become a “Trained Person” as defined under Ontario Regulation 170/03 of the Safe Drinking Water Act, you must successfully complete the Operation of Small Drinking Water Systems (OSDWS) course available through the WCWC. The Trained Person designation is valid for 3 years. This course can be taken in classroom, or by correspondence or online.

Maintaining Your ‘Trained Person’ Designation

Before the end of the three years after completing the Operation of Small Drinking Water Systems course, you must complete one of the following Director Approved courses for Trained Persons:

  • Operation of Small Drinking Water Systems (online or correspondence), WCWC
  • Small System Fundamentals (O. Reg. 170/03) (Replaced the previous course – Practical Training for Small Drinking Water System Owners and Operators) (classroom), WCWC
  • Best Practices for Small Systems (classroom), WCWC
  • Small Systems Hands-on Workshop (classroom), WCWC
  • Small Water System Operation and Maintenance (online), California State

To register for one of these courses, visit our upcoming course schedule.

Keep your training records for verification. It will be requested during a Ministry inspection.

If you do not complete one of the courses listed above before your Trained Person designation expires, you will lose your designation and will not be able to operate a drinking water system.


Visit our course schedule page to see upcoming small drinking water system courses.

Drinking Water Resource Library

Visit WCWC’s online resource library for information, fact sheets, and other resources for small drinking water system owners and operators.