WCWC Technology Demonstration Facility

WCWC operates a state-of-the-art Technology Demonstration Facility in Walkerton, Ontario. Geoff Graham, Technician, explains how the Technology Demonstration Facility is used to provide education, information and advice in support of our clients.  

 1. What is the Technology Demonstration Facility?

The Technology Demonstration Facility is a unique platform for hands-on training and pilot testing projects for the water industry. The idea is to showcase as well as test the wide variety of equipment and processes used throughout Ontario. WCWC provides tours of the Technology Demonstration Facility to share information about the equipment and operational requirements necessary to ensure drinking water is safe.

2. What equipment is there?

The Technology Demonstration Facility features the latest conventional and advanced water treatment and control technologies, laboratory, and model distribution systems. Some of the pilot treatment units available include: dissolved air flotation; ultrafiltration; nanofiltration; reverse osmosis; fixed bed and magnetic ion exchange; slow sand filtration; ozone; ultraviolet light; and advanced oxidation processes. There is also a variety of fire hydrants and other water distribution equipment to allow demonstrations and training of operators in a controlled and safe environment.

3. How is the Technology Demonstration Facility used for pilot testing projects?

A WCWC pilot testing project is a small-scale practical study to evaluate feasibility, duration, or performance of a water treatment strategy and its effect on water quality. This can include bench or pilot-scale projects that may address multiple water quality parameters. These projects can be completed on-site or at the Technology Demonstration Facility. We have the capability to store a large volume of water on site which can then be fed through one or more water treatment processes to evaluate the treatment effectiveness.


For more information about the Technology Demonstration Facility, or to schedule a tour, contact us at 866-515-0550 or inquiry@wcwc.ca.